New Antique Records is proud to present; “Alchemy – 30 Years of Counter Culture” an alchemical fusion of dub, jazz, celtic, ambient, psy-trance and spoken word available digitally for the first time.

Originally released in 2002, The album features Youth, Raja Ram & Simon Posford (Shpongle), Howard Marks, Brian Barritt, Bush Chemist, JC001, Drum Druids and many more, brought together by Lee Harris to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the oldest headshop in the creative melting pot of London’s Ladbroke Grove area.


“It starts perfectly chilled, dubby even, and by way of Howard Marks and the Mystery School Players, arrives at Shpongle. The flute work morphs seemlessly into a kicking Psy-Trance tune from Nervasystem & Aether. Dammit, it’s so good!” ….. Inna?Turtle

“Very nice fusion and a nice piece to listen to at home and on the chill-out-floors around the globe” ….. Mushroom – Hamburg

“Alchemy is trippy with a capital T. It is a celebration of one man’s journey through the counter culture that has existed in this country since the 1960’s. Listening to Alchemy gives us a sense of history that you won’t read about in school text books.” …..Peek Magazine

“If you like Lee’s trippy ramblings then check out “Alchemy – 30 years of Counter Culture, Some real gems on that one!” …..PSYAMB