New Antique Records presents: Ding Dang Dong  

A free 6-track EP by Georgina Brett, Knopfdreher & Moody Alien.

Available to download free HERE

“Years ago, on a sunny afternoon in early August, I sang an extra long version of “Frere Jaques” (in the minor key like it appears in Mahler’s first symphony) absolutely on my own, with no accompaniment. It was during a period where my son was off on holiday with his Dad, so the house was quiet and clean. I remember I was in the middle of painting the house and everything was getting a good “once over”. I remember lots of bright light in the house and an enormous feeling of quiet.. This piece just always stayed with me, I asked Knopfdreher and Moody Alien if they were keen to work with the soundfile as I had always cherished it, wondering if anyone would interpret it. So they did, and here is the fruits of our labour. An hour or so of one of the most well known children’s lullaby’s in several incarnations. Sometimes flavours, sometimes quite literal. Perhaps they will set you into a deep state of relaxation, just as they do me. Thanks go to them for spurring this project on, I love it.”…Georgina brett

The digital package comes with full cover art

Available to download free HERE

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