New Antique Records proudly presents Lee Harris’ A Foot soldier’s tale: reading a piece from his forthcoming book; Echoes of the underground

Echoes of the Underground by Lee Harris




Paper back version will be coming soon

Echoes of the Underground: A Foot Soldiers Tale is a unique collection of ‘underground’ writings by Lee Harris, the majority of which were originally published in the  ’alternative press’ of the 60′s and 70′s; International TimesOzHome Grown and ‘Other Scenes’ .

The collection includes writings on the ‘Beat Generation’, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, the 60′s theatre revolution, and the South African apartheid era (Lee was one of the few white members of the ‘African National Congress’and met Nelson Mandela).

There is some interesting material covering the ‘War on Drugs’ and the early days of the ‘Legalise Cannabis’ movement – as you might expect from the publisher of Home Grown, Europe’s first cannabis magazine.

Also included are rare interviews with beat poet Michael McClure, the director of the musical HAIR Tom O’Horgan, the man who ‘turned on’ Timothy Leary by giving him some L.S.D., Michael Hollingshead, and Harry Shapiro, author of ‘Waiting for the Man’ and the Jimi Hendrix biography‘Electric Gypsy’.

Some unpublished work is included in this insightful and personal collection of writing which covers some of the most exciting and revolutionary times in recent world history.


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