Transmission series 1: Exiles

Following the performance of the Live Sound Collage ‘Transmission’ at the V&A Museum. A series of audio collages by Ben River will be broadcast on Sound Art Radio 102.5 FM, from the 7th October 2012 at 9pm and monthly from then on. Each piece will be centred around an individual poet/writer, Featuring: Lee Harris, Eddie Woods, Harold Norse, Jack Micheline and Herbert Huncke.

Broadcasted Live on 102.5 FM & Live streaming on:


Transmission 1: Echoes of the underground – Lee Harris

[Sunday 7th October 2012 – 9pm] – Now archive as a free download – HERE

Lee Harris (born 1936 in Johannesburg, South Africa), is a playwright, publisher, and spoken word artist. He was one of the few white members of the Congress movement, where he helped with the Congress of the People and met Nelson Mandela. He acted with Orson Welles, Dame Flora Robson, wrote for the British underground press including International Times, helped found the Arts Lab and has been an instrumental figure in the British Counter Culture movement since the seventies when he published the legendary Brainstorm Comix by illustrator & graphic novelist Bryan Talbot and Home Grown magazine, which he also edited.


Transmission 2: Tsunami of Love – Eddie Woods

[Sunday 4th November 2012 – 9pm]

Eddie Woods lived in Amsterdam for two decades before moving to Devon, England to be with the girl of his dreams. Six years later, the dream shattered, he returned to Holland, where he eventually came to realize that the breakup of his relationship had thrown him into a deep emotional crisis. There was no way out of the tunnel but on the wings of song. This poems cycle tells the story of the rise and fall of an incredible love affair.

The sound collage intertwines excerpts from ‘Tsunami of Love’ with selected poems from Eddie’s previous CD collection, ‘Dangerous Precipice’, and includes his recitation of a poem by A.E. Housman (‘Loveliest of Trees’), as well as Robert W. Service’s ‘The Spell of the Yukon.’


Transmission 4: Sniffing Keyholes – Harold Norse

[Sunday 2nd December 2012 – 9pm]

“Anyone who has read Memoirs of a Bastard Angel is aware that Harold Norse was a very perceptive individual. Intuitive. Sensitive to atmospheres and moods, that remarkable (and incredibly fast-paced) autobiography is rife with instances displaying his keen sense of ‘just knowing’ what someone, or some place or scene, was really all about. Yet Harold’s finely tuned instinct for seeing things as they were was far from limited to the present.” Eddie Woods


Transmission 5: Tigers in the sky – Jack Micheline

[Sunday 6th January 2013 – 9pm]

“Jack Micheline was one of a kind. Often described as a Beat poet,  he was in fact never part of any literary movement or scene. Jack was a troubadour, with an original mind and a unique poetic voice. He was also a man of the people. In his younger years he would boogie uptown from Greenwich Village to haunt the streets and jazz joints of New York’s Harlem, the pulsating neighborhood he so eloquently portrays in his tragically moving ‘O Harlem’.” TFE


Transmission 6: Guilty of EverythingHerbert Huncke

[Sunday 3rd February 2013 – 9pm]

“Hobo, drug addict, merchant marine, street hustler, storyteller, writer. The man whose lifestyle and easy manner of speaking influenced so many, eventually famous authors and poets, e.g. Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg”. EW


With music by Poet and Songwriter Ben River



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