Eddie Woods was born in New York City in 1940. At age 20, facing the draft and not wanting to get his fingernails dirty, he joined the US Air Force for a 4-year stint, spent mostly in Germany. He subsequently lived and traveled in divers parts of the world both East and West, crisscrossed much of the United States twice, and eventually settled in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where in 1978 he started Ins & Outs magazine and later founded Ins & Outs Press.

Eddie has variously worked as a short-order cook, computer programmer, encyclopedia salesman, restaurant manager, journalist, radio DJ, and precious gems dealer. His literary work has appeared in numerous online and print periodicals, including most recently Exquisite Corpse, Parisiana, Beat Scene, Sensitive Skin, Chanticleer/Ol’ Chanty, Primal Urge, and Nictoglobe. Eddie’s book Tsunami of Love: A Poems Cycle appeared in 2005. It was the inspired offspring of a deep romantic turmoil that could only be transcended on the wings of passionate song. The CD version was released two years later. The book is additionally available in a Kindle edition. His long-awaited poetry CD, Dangerous Precipice, had already come out in 2004. In December 2011 Sloow Tapes in Belgium produced an audio cassette of Eddie’s The Faerie Princess & Other Poems. Previous book publications include 30 Poems, Sale or Return, and The Faerie Princess (an erotic fairy tale in verse). Further books (poetry, prose, photography) are in the offing. An accomplished performer, Eddie has been on stage at events ranging from One World Poetry festivals, the North Sea Jazz Festival (poetry & jazz) and Crossing Border to several Fiery Tongues festivals in the legendary artists colony village of Ruigoord (near Amsterdam). His substantial archive was acquired by Stanford University (Palo Alto, California) in 2003.